Today is a beautiful one. I love the sunshine but cannot stay out in it to long. It’s good for our garden and the berries we have planted. Also very good for the leg pain I had yesterday. I am sitting here listening to the beautiful waterfall my son purchased last  Christmas. The sound is so calming and relaxing.

Speaking to my family last night and today lifted my spirits and makes me laugh. We have so much fun laughing about our childhood memories. We always end our conversation with praising the Lord.

Living with cancer I like  to keep centered in my belief in the Lord. I also try to memorize different scripture verses that helps  me a lot.

So, for all of us living with cancer or any other diseases, let be strong and stay anchored  in out faith.

This is the scripture verse I picked for today  (Psalm 34:7). The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.

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  1. Alan says:

    It really was a beautiful day today, and I’m glad to hear that you’re getting outside and enjoying it some! I’m really really glad you like the fountain, it’s really nice and I love where you have it set up, it makes the living room so much more relaxing. 🙂

    Anyway, stay strong Mom, I love you!

  2. Amanda Colley (Vaillancourt) says:

    Hi Auntie,
    Am glad today is a beautiful one for you. It’s nice to hear you are in such good spirits. We are all safe in the arms of the Lord, we will just all trust & believe. Mom says Hello, as am sure you will be laughing with her soon. (the words that mom comes up with, so funny). I will keep checking on you, daily. But also remember to get lots of rest. Resting is a part of healing as well.
    The Lord has blessed us with such a beautiful aunt.
    Love Amanda

  3. Babs Simmons-Dixon says:

    Hey Auntie, I am so glad that Coralyn sent me this site. It is so encouraging to hear and feel your heartfelt supplications. God is truly our saviour in all our situations. He has all OF US in the palm of his hands. We are his children and was made for his pleasure. I know that God has a plan for us He wants us to be faithful, kind and loving. I find to do these small actions we are pleasing Him. His will is for us to love our neighbour as ourselves. And to keep God first. You truly are a testament to His life and have blessed my family in such a great way. Songue always talks about your smile and yes your apple pie. (he has not tasted Aunt Mary’s yet – smile).

    Well, enough already, I must go now but will be back soon. I am off tomorrow and will call. Love you much, your neice Babs. Take care and God bless.

    P.S. mom really enjoyed herself at your place Joi is looking forward to coming back to bake with you.

    • Babs Simmons-Dixon says:

      Hey Auntie, just checking in to say hi and say God bless you today. I am looking outside at my back year and I am watching the squirrels and rabbits play. Even the animals were made for his pleasure they depend totally on his support and provisions. We need to do the same at all times even when pain is creeping up our legs, buttocks, spine and back. He knows our pain and if it wasn’t for Him our pain would be tremendous and very hard. Remember the poem Footsteps. God is carrying the biggest proportions of our burdens. Keep the faith God is good and hears our prayers.

      Love you much and will touch base later.

      When you smile it is God’s way of saying hello to everyone in your pathway. Ok.

  4. mary williams says:

    Good morning Sis,
    I read your blog and was very touched by it, you are in my prays and thoughts all the time.We do not talk a lot on the phone,but you know I love you.Howie said hello and keep the faith.,we are a praying family and God will not give us any more that we can handle,he is our Father and he will take care of all our needs.It is nice to hear that you are in good spirits. I came in to work early this morning to drop you a few lines , and just to say I love you, give our love to Nelson and Allan also.Talk to you soon

    XOXXO Sis Mary

  5. mary williams says:

    Hi Sis, I just read your blog for today, it is very nice.I sent you a little note on Friday and I went in to check today but it was not there,you know me I am not very good with good with computers ha,ha. I have been thinking about you alot lately, but I know that God is in control of everything and He will see us though it all.You know that we are a praying family and we all know that when prays go up God always answers our prays.It is a joy just to read your blog you make me laugh,keep on laughing,they say that it is good for the soul.By for now

    xooxx, love

    blessings ,mary

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