I’ve pitched my tent in the land of hope

On December 16th of 2011, my mother, Olga Henry, finished her long battle with Leiomyosarcoma. She passed away peacefully, with one last great sigh of relief, as her suffering and pain eased and she left this world to be with the Lord our God in peace and His holy embrace.

I’ve pondered this post for a long long time now. I knew that those of you who have been reading my mother’s writing but either haven’t commented, weren’t able to visit her in those last days, or be present during her funeral services or internment deserved some kind of closure, some emotional reconciliation that would close the door on this one chapter of my mother’s life–one that she chose to share with the world so that others could read and understand what she was going through, what her day-to-day life was like, and perhaps most importantly what her family and faith meant to her.

Even so, know this – my mother’s cancer was only one chapter in her life. The woman I knew and will always remember was a caring, loving, nurturing soul who prized her family, her faith, her loved ones and friends, and every single day she took a breath above all other things in the world. My mother loved life, and taught me to love life as well – she taught me to never, not even for an instant, to squander the gifts that God has given all of us, and to cherish each morning we open our eyes and draw a deep breath, knowing that even in our darkest days, those days are ripe with possibilities and opportunities. That even on those days when we don’t want to get out of bed that God is there with us, looking after us, and making sure that we never take on more than we can handle.

If you remember anything about my mother, remember these things. Her cancer and her struggle with it are without a doubt a story to be told–her strength, even in her last days, was an incredible sight to behold–but don’t let that be the only story we tell of her life.

I remember the woman who raised me, taught me to speak German when we lived in Germany, long before the Berlin Wall fell, and was involved with every aspect of my education, pushing me forward to be the person I am today. I remember the woman who welcomed me home with open arms every time–even as a grown adult–I needed to go home, who teased me that I never needed permission to make myself at home in her house. I remember the woman who sat and challenged my teachers when they wrote me off, believed in me while I studied, and celebrated with me when I proved them wrong, and then stood proudly at every graduation ceremony I had–that she made possible. I have more memories of my other than I could possibly share, and so does my father, Nelson Henry, and both of us will treasure them and keep them for the rest of our lives.

My mother’s obituary is below, just behind the “read more” link below. Her funeral was attended by loving family, neighbors, friends, and others whose lives she so deeply touched, and condolences were sent from far and wide by even more who will cherish and remember her. Thank you for sharing this blogging experience with her, and thank you for sharing this last post with me. God bless.


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Two Sisters, Godson and Wife

Two sisters, godson and wife

Well I guess everyone is wondering what has happened to me. I am still doing very well. Things has been great over the last two weeks. We had some wonderful visitors. My sisters, godson and his wife came from Nova Scotia for a visit and what a time we had.

One of my sisters went into treatment with me , what a time we had. I felt no pain for a week. When we returned home my godson and his wife were cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I felt so good that they were here. My husband was in his glory. They served us breakfast in bed. What great food. We did some good eating. They also did some great shopping. They sure got some great things.

Sis I wished you were still here the man at the hospital were looking for you. 🙂 just kidding. You two sisters are so great it warms my heart to see how much you two love each others.

While they were here, my godson and his wife cooked so much food and stored it in the freezer. We have been eating it all week. God will forever bless those two. What a wonderful and God loving young couple. I just wish there were more young ones like them. I think of those two often. They are not selfish all ways thinking and doing for others. Sis you did a wonderful job raising your sons and daughters. So, godson and wife continue to love and treat the ones close to you with respect.

The other great news my son brought me a new iPad2. He is my heart. I always pray for him and God is living inside of him. He brought it up on Saturday night when everyone was here. I am sure he knows how I feel. My heart went still when he gave it to me. His face and mine lite up. He has a smile like a angel. His birthday is coming up soon I feel bad I cannot spend the time we used to celebrating it but we will be together. I wish there were more like him also. He has a heart like gold. There is nothing he will not do for us. He is taking on a lot since I have been sick. He helps his dad with many things , if we need anything he is there. So, Son if i am bragging let me OK. 🙂
Love you.

Well my family left on Monday afternoon and we all spent all morning laughing and talking. There were lots of tears when they left, I am still crying, missing them so much. Stella and Shelia I miss you two so much. Catching up on all the good news and stuff from home. I know you two are wearing your wears in style, looks good on you both. Keep the laughs and good spirits. Miss you to so much.

After the visit my husband and I watched the video of Stella 70th birthday. It was hilarious. We laughed so hard and guess what, I cried also watching all the family together along with Elvis in the house. 🙂 Sis you looked so good not like a 70ty year old. You wear it well. My mind went back with her two BFF spoke, I really laughed. The three of them took me back to the day.

The Saturday before they left my niece , son came up and more food was made. Keisha cooked her hind part off. Thanks K. Love you. We ate again. It’s good that food always brings families together. Again lots of fun.

So much happiness. So much happen I cannot remember.

I am going to close by saying I love you all and keep the good Lord always present in your lives.
I will continue to keep you all in prayer.

The scripture for today is from: Colossians 1:1-13 He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the son.

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Valentine’s Day Love

Well today is a day for lovers all over the world. This is also Healthy Heart Month so put on your red and show some love all around.

The weather here is just beautiful , with temperature in the 50 degrees. All made possible by God.

I am sitting here in my red pjs and enjoying the day. We celebrated our thirty – third wedding anniversary on Friday and today we are eating the sweet stuff. 🙂 (candy)

Remember after eating that stuff you have to work hard to take it off. A few minutes a day for a week. I will try to walk mine off around the house and to the mail box. 🙂 So be true to yourself and don’t cheat.

This is going to be a short blog. I have blogged about love before so let’s keep it moving. Give it to each others weather it family or neighbor. Remember with all the love do not forget about forgiveness it all goes together.

The scripture for today is Matthew 6: 14-15

For if you forgive men when they sin against you , your heavily Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins , your Father will not forgive your sins.

Remember Forgiveness is necessary and Bitterness is optimal. So , enjoy the love today. God bless all.

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Best Wishes For The New Year

Today is the last of the old year. The weather is so beautiful it’s like a springs day here.

I went to church Christmas eve for the first time in six month , it was a wonderful feeling. Nothing is as good as the feeling of the Holy Spirit. I keep praying I will be well enough to attend on a regular base this coming year. With the strength and blessing of the Lord this will happen. So,let’s keep
Praying for all.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year with lots of blessing. I pray we keep the Faith to stay centered with the Lord. Things have been good for some of us and others have had some tough times but by the grace of God we have pulled through.
Make this year count for something but make sure it’s with love and kindness. It cost nothing to love and be kind.

We just finish eating lunch and now it’s time for me to rest. I am still doing treatment so at times I feel a little tired.
Nothing to complain about , because God is good.

Let’s see what everyone did or got from good old Santa. Things went very well at my place. Santa always brings a plastic shopping bag with his gift ,my son always gets a big laugh out of the bag gift since he was a little boy. Santa don’t like to wrap gifts.

I bet everyone ate a lot. Food, food everywhere. I was able to cook a bit. I made a Plum Pudding from a recipe that one of my sisters sent me and it was the bomb. I wished I could have tasted hers ,she was watching Mom when she was a young lady while I was doing other things. 🙂
My hat goes of to her. Miss you sis.

Well it’s afternoon here with nice and mild weather. Let’s again be thankful.

The scripture for today is : Psalm 92:4
For you make me glad by your deeds O Lord; I sing for joy at the works of your hands.

Again; Happy New Years to all

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Stay Centered In God’s Light

Today is Saturday, the day after Black Friday. Lots of money spent yesterday, I am glad I was not one of them. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday . It was so great and I had lots to be thankful for. Our son came up to share in the many blessing passed. We had a good time. Yesterday ,he took over cooking the stuffing that was not made on Thanksgiving day. He knocked it out of the park. 🙂 He was so pleased that it came out so well. He is a pretty good cook but he never made stuffing from scratch. I helped a little but he followed the instructions well. You know ,he had to take some left overs home for the next day. We just finished eating the rest tonight for dinner. Before I forget let me tell you that I made a delicious German Chocolate Cake, it was for my husband and son birthdays. I used to bake them both a cake for their birthdays. Since the cancer I have not  baked, therefore I decided to surprise them both. They were floored, especially our son. They really enjoyed it , just as much as I enjoyed making it. I think maybe one fourth of the cake is left. 🙂

I know everyone is wondering how I am doing, I am doing good. I have a follow up with the doctor on Monday to see how the treatment pills are working. Other than that I am getting around very well. I want to thank everyone for their many prayers. We all know that prayer works, I truly believe that with strong faith and belief  in the Lord all things are possible. As you all know my faith is very strong. Everyday I give him many, many thanks. We have to remain centered with the Lord at all times. I am so thankful for His many blessing . I accept His  blessing with praise .

Well the weather is getting cold here , it’s time to get out the heavy clothing. I like this time of year because you can dress in layers. Some people don’t like the snow and shoveling . When I was a child , I loved to  shovel the snow. Getting older now so the things that I did as a child I cannot do much anymore, not saying I won’t try. 🙂

I will close now and try to get some rest. Remember to those who can  go to their place of worship tomorrow. Love to all.

Here is the scripture for today. (Psalm 117:1-2) Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you people. For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.

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A Time To Give

Well today is Thursday. The weather is cool but a little damp. I am doing good today. I pray you all are doing as well.

Sitting here sipping a great cup of white & green tea. It has such a sweet aroma. I love this stuff.

Not much going on since my last entry on my blog. My treatment is on going. I am not sure when it will finish.I am leaving it in the hands of the Lord and doctors. I  think they are thinking about changing my treatment because the other one was making me sick sometimes. I am always reminded that God is the great healer. Right now I am in a great place .

Its eleven in the morning . Time to plan dinner. Here we go again. 🙂 all about food. My husband feels like comfort food tonight. He got the slow cooker out and away he went. The dinner is cooking , the smell is awsome. He will add the veggies later on. I am thinking about some biscuits to go along with that pot of beef and kale stew.

Girls and guys it’s time for trick or treat. None going on here, too much sweets. I am going to miss it a lot. The kids are so cute with their costumes and bags full  of goodies. It takes me back to when my son was a lad. 🙂 but the day after ,the question always is (what to do with all that candy) you try to hide it but that do not work. 🙂

Another thought just crossed my mind Christmas. Christmas stuff is creeping in the stores already. What’s wrong with the retailers. They are now talking about black Friday in November. ( money, money ) Lets not be fooled by them. They are anxious to get our money. Somethings we don’t need is more stuff. We should focus on buying what we need but to think about those that don’t have. Times are hard for some people out there. While we  over eat without any guilt. We should remember what God wants us to do. He said to give to those in need and the poor. All of us reading this blog are not too much in need for the everyday things like food , clothing, or a roof over our heads. So, lets be thankful and share some of what we have with others. I know you all are very giving people. I know this because we are family. This does not mean that we should not enjoy the wonderful things that God has provided along with his many blessings.

The scripture for today is : Matthew( 6:1-4 ) When you help a needy person, do it in such a way that even your closest friend will not know about it. Then it will be a private matter.And your Father, who sees what you do in private, will reward you.

Lets stay prayed up sisters.

Sister in Christ always.

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I am back. Sorry for not writing something sooner. It raining here today with a chill in the air. It’s beginning to look like fall, the leaves on the trees are changing with it’s beautiful colors. We all know who are responsible for the beauty of nature, the one and only God. He created all that wonderful  beauty that we enjoy everyday.

It’s been awhile since I spoke about my treatment. It’s all going good. I am up and getting around. Helping more with things around the house. It takes a load of my husband. I got up on Sunday morning and made down home pancake with lots of butter for him not me. 🙂 with maple syrup, taste good right. :)  He likes to sit in his chair and let me go at it sometimes. Then he gets up to check out what I am up to. He is so funny. I am moving around so well  I forget my cane sometimes and he will say where is the other man. 🙂 referring to the cane.

To  all who are reading this blog, I want us all to continue to send out prayers for sis Lady Kemp and niece Amanda for complete recovery from surgery. We know God will do his part because they are both strong believers with lots of faith.

I read this in my devotional last week . This lady had fibromyalgia , there were certain things she could not do, like opening jars or getting a good grip on things with her hands. Her family was very supportive of the things she tried to do and accomplished.They never judged her, therefore she always felt loved. Sometimes we feel so weak in our body and mind that we lose faith. So, lets keep the strong faith in mind , body and soul and kick  the judgment of others out of our lives. Lets remember that God  is the final judge (Amen)

I will put the scripture for today here because I think  it will fit well.

2 Corinthians 12:6-10 Welcome those who are weak in faith, but not for the purpose of quarreling over opinions.

Ok girls we are going to get some serious talk about food. 🙂 We knew it will get to this. Lets think  of some healthy food we can share back and forth. I have a few that I saw on Dr. Oz show. Lots of fresh for frozen fruits, artichokes, stew tomatoes , quinoa and bok choy, and lentils. If anyone can think of others give a shout out, lets help each others to stay healthy in mind , body and spirit. Remember it’s all connected. God has given us everything we need, so it’s up to each and everyone of us to use it wisely.

In closing, we will pray for those who are weak in spirit so that God can lift them up in Grace. Don’t forget happy mind , happy body, happy soul, maybe not in that order. Love you all. God Bless

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Into One Another

It’s Monday evening, the weather is just beautiful. Today was very quiet until now. The lawn mowers are going. Whoever said the suburbs was quiet. I know that everyone has to do what they have to do, so I will not sit in judgment ok.

I will start with giving God the praise and glory. He has brought me through so many trials and tribulations. Thank, you Lord for your love . If we claim that we love the Lord, therefore we can love one another. Because God love us regardless of who we are.

Over the last week I had a small set back. I went to the hospital with neutropenia fever but in three days I was back home doing great and back to my old self. Let me tell you there is nothing like being at home in your own bed. I am thankful for the help of the doctors and nurses that gave of their time and knowledge. ( Gods special people )

I am not going to write much because it’s time for crazy tv. 🙂 The final show of the New Jersey Housewives are on tonight. Those ladies are crazy, they crack me up. So, I will keep it short tonight.

To all my family, I pray you all had a good Labor Day weekend, with lots of good love , food , laughter and fun.Lets end the evening with lots of thanks to the good Lord.

The scripture for this evening is ( 1 John 4:12 ) If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

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Day In The Light

I am back , it’s Saturday morning , what a beautiful one it is. The temperature is nice and cool, no rain just a great morning to start a great day so enjoy and don’t forget to be thankful for all it’s beauty.

I am feeling good after treatment on Thursday. Had a great rest yesterday with lots of sleep, which I needed. I just finished my morning snack, has to eat right to keep the old body working. I had a half of pumpernickel  bagel with peanut butter and strawberry jam and four pieces of fresh fruit. Soon it will be time to think about lunch, then dinner always about food.

Well, let me get back to Thursday treatment. My morning started out great after a good night sleep at our son’s place. It was very quiet with lots of love around. My son made me a wonderful cup of lemon spice tea, I think that’s what it was. He will correct me if I am wrong. 🙂 Then I cleaned my self up for a very calming sleep, I think it was the tea or the two men in my life. In case any one is asking the question why we stay at our son’s place it’s because he lives closer to the Military Hospital.  We got up early for breakfast, my husband and I had our silence prayer , then out for the drive to treatment which is only forty -five minutes . We ate at the hospital , talked to other people waiting for appointments. Not surprised at now many people are traveling long distance for medical care. After sitting listening to my husband and another active military man talk about the different hats that the men now are wearing plus the battles they are fighting. Our time came,we had to go to my appointment. I knew my husband enjoyed the conversation because they talked like forever. 🙂 Which I am sure he truely enjoyed, it took his mind of the treatment he had to set through with me. At about 700 A.M. we went up to treatment room, checked in at front desk .I  had to weight in then on to the treatment room which I am not looking forward too,but like I always say, we have to do what we have to do just make sure God is right there with you, what a great piece of mind.

It’s now time for hook up. I am again sitting there watching the nurses bring the neddles and tubes then comes the good stuff, don’t be afraid it all goes very smooth, no pain at all. After about two hours I am so hungry , all I can think about is Mc Donalds french fries, no burger just fries. I went through the same thing on Monday but they were cold and I like them nice and hot. By this time the nurse comes and say one last bag of the good stuff , what a bummer. 🙂 if it works I am not going to complain. Soon I will have those French fries I want so bad. 🙂

While waiting on me to finish up my husband went to get his shingles shot. I then found out that we cannot sleep in the same bed together, because it’s a live and active . Well we will be apart for a couple of days, also no kissies or huggies for awhile, which I will miss but its for the best. I will miss my hubbie laying beside me for a couple of nights. The treatment is almost over. I say thank you Lord for the strength and blessing to bring me through this. We have none other to thank. So, much thanks to God for His many blessing and grace. Thanks be to God and let us praise his Holy name always. Praise the Lord , O my soul.

The French fries was nice and hot a little salty which was nice also. I ate just about all of them, left a bout five for hubbie. He is not a Mc Donalds person, he is more a ham & cheese person.Well, all things went great. I will continue to keep you all informed ok. Love to all and I pray you will give love back in passing, it cost nothing to give love.

The scripture for today is (John 14-15)  “If you love me, you will obey what I command”
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Today is Tuesday it is starting out to be a beautiful one. I have to give blood today, I pray it comes out good. The temperature is rising, it suppose to be hot one today ,  I need to get back before it reaches the nineties.

It’s lunch time , guess what we are having. I am thinking clam chowder, which sounds good to me. Tonight I am teaching my husband how to cook liver. Have not had liver in so long, wondering if I should or not.

It’s Thursday morning ,we just had a huge thunder and lighting storm. It woke us from a sound sleep. We both jumped at the same time saying what was that. It quickly passed. The rest of the morning a little dreary and cloudy outside. We need the rain for the grass and the thunder and lighting cooled the temperature a bit.

Just finished talking to my sister , telling her about the last inside joke I posted. Did we have a good laugh. She told me a joke which I will share on the next post stay tuned. We always have lots to talk and laugh about , we are a crazy bunch of sisters. So many jokes to tell, so believe me when I say we can tell some crazy ones. Here is another one to solve. Which sister walked out of a store with toilet paper hanging from the back  of her pants. 🙂 I told you we were crazy.

I am sitting here having a cup of green tea. It’s so relaxing. I  am trying to figure out what to have for lunch. Any ideas? Maybe tuna on a bagel or English muffin  with slices of  tomatoes. I will think of something.

Yesterday, a good church friend brought us a a very tasteful dinner. I asked the Lord to send her and husband a blessing. They are true people of God, always there to help  when you need them. We are so blessed to have them as friends. God put people where He know they are needed. That’s what the Lord is all about, helping those in need.

This morning I felt like going grocery shopping but I changed my mind because of the rain. With Gods blessing I will go tomorrow. My niece is coming tomorrow to cook dinner and visit for awhile. It’s always good to see her, she and our son takes turns lending a hand whenever they have time. That’s what’ family is all about. When you help others God will bless you with good things.

I am getting hungry for lunch now, so that tuna on bagel or English muffin with tomatoes sure sounds good to me. 🙂 got to go eat, I’ll be back  soon. Well I had that sandwich I told you about. My husband had the bagel and I had the muffin, only I had the egg and he had cheese . I had a down home kind of egg sandwich but much healthier.  .

Took a break during the lunch period, tried to send a e-mail to my visiting pastor but it kept coming back. Did any of you ever have this happen to you? You keep thinking you are spelling something wrong. What a bummer. I guess I have to go to the next level to get the correct address.

Oh, well now that lunch is over , it’s time to plan dinner. Do we ever stop thinking about food. From the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed it’s always  about food. Something else that the good Lord provides for us. So we should always be thankful to Him for all we have and His many blessing. Here is the scripture for today ( Psalm 13-6 )  I will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me.

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