Another day, in God I trust. What a wonderful and blessed day. I went out shopping it’s so hot but no complaints from me. Five months ago I was lying flat on my back from spine surgery for cancer. The Lord was my comforter  therefore, I did not complain then and I will not now. Everything that comes to each and everyone of us is meant to be. Weather, rain, snow or sunshine, it’s all given by God.

Since being diagnosed with cancer, I have looked at things in my life differently. The world around me has become smaller, the joy of watching Gods animals and enjoying His weather is a highlight for today. This has increased my faith even more then it was before. From now on, I will try to look back without regrets but to do better with what I am given each day. Our load might seem heavy at times but we are not carrying it alone. There are signs all around us to let us know we are not alone. If  we only open our eyes and heart to truly believe in Jesus ‘power and truth.

Last night my husband picked blueberries from the garden. I was watching the birds sitting on the fence, they were also watching, saying  there goes my dinner. 🙂 As a child I picked my share of blueberries and always thought I was taking food from the birds and other animals that depended on them.

I love watching birds fly around the open field. It reminds me of our son and how much he loves birds and other animals. I remembered he would take milk  from the house to feed the neighbors cat. I wonder where the milk was going, until lately he told me that he would feed them late at night before he went to bed. Boy did I laugh. 🙂 Now we have bird feeders in our yard, however they still want my blueberries. 🙂 Let us respect Gods creatures and marvel at them.

I try to remember God knew our destiny while we were in our mothers womb. I will not question God or ask why. My faith and strength will carry me through. God is my rock and shield, I stand on solid ground with him.

Scripture for today (John 6:48). I am the bread of life.

It’s good to know Jesus is our bread of life. Let each of us that are reading this keep the faith and be thankful to the Lord for all we have, he will supply our needs.

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3 Responses to Renewal

  1. Juliette Thomas says:

    Hi Sis.
    Sounds like you had a great day. Even the little birds.LOL
    Whatever your doing to stay so happy and blessed, keep doing it.
    I had a busy day so I’m not going to talk too much tonight.Haha
    Will call you over the weekend.

    Love to all, Sis. Juliette

  2. Hi Aunt Olga, I am sitting here reading your blog to mom….mom is over my house eating a late supper…(9:40 pm our time)…your stories made her smile…she says she hopes you had a good day today and looks forward to seeing you this summer…rest, relax and recover and mom said get ready for a laugh over the telephone this week (haha). Give Uncle Nelson and Allan our love xox. Hope you have an even better day tomorrow.

    charmaine, Terry, Mom

  3. Julie Smith says:

    Good Morning Sis,
    Just checking in to say hello and I love you. I read your blog this morning and it touched my heart to hear how happy you are and that you are feeling good…taking one day at a time. After out phone conversation last Friday evening, and the laughs we had made me feel so good. Before going to bed, I thanked God for you and asked Glod to continue to heal and bless you. I to reflected back to the berry picking days when we were young….those were the good days. Our children will never know what that was like. Continue to keep the faith (which I know you will) and say hello to Nelson and Alan. Will continue to keep you in my prayers. May God Bless You
    Love Sis Hi

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