Today is the first day after my first round of Chemotherapy. It went very well, give all the thanks to the Lord Almighty.

I have so much support from family members. I was told to be still and listen so the Lord can do His work. I went into the chemotherapy knowing not much about the reactions because everyone takes it differently. I thought I was going to be nauseous but they gave me something to help with that.

I will repeat it again: after God, family members are the best a girl could ask for. I have received very good and uplifting comments all giving thanks to the Lord. I also have a good Affirmation prayer to post maybe the next post ok. I  am just finishing for the evening. Going to read my bible and Affirmation prayer. So, to all who reads this I am doing great all because of the Lord.

The scripture for tonight is (2 Samuel 22:2 ) The Lord is my rock, in fortress and my deliverer. also ( Joshua 1:5 ) As I was with Moses, so I will be with you : I will never leave nor forsake you. May God bless all that reads and believe His words. (Amen)

This was sent to me , therefore I read it often:

Healing Prayer

In the stillness of Your presence, God , I feel Your healing life flowing through me now, bringing peace to my mind and energy to my body.

Enfolded in Your powerful healing love, God , I experience health and wholeness in mind, body , and emotions.

Thank You , God , for Your healing life that surges throughout every cell of my entire being, strengthening me and restoring me to wholeness.

To You , God , I release any concern about my health. I trust Your love and Your life-giving presence to renew me.

Dear God, I am open and receptive to Your healing power. Your light and life energize every cell of my being, and grateful. (Amen)

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  1. Juliette Thomas says:

    Hi. Sis, it was nice talking to you this morning. Nice to hear that you are doing so good after your treatment and good to know your not having all those size affects, I hear they do things different over there in the US.
    Julie(hi) and I went to the jazz festival Sunday afternoon, it was the gospel music of the festival and O’ we were staying you would’ve really enjoyed it. I danced and sang most of the day in the Holy spirit and sure got a good workout too:-)

    Thank God for this day and for all His blessings, when I say my prayers and lay my head down to sleep at night I know the Lord is with me. I pray for all my family home and away, asking God to protect you and give you mercy for any wrongs and blessings for what He promises.

    My special prayer for you Sis is that God words continue to be on your mind and in your heart, that you are faith bound in Him and at peace because you know He is with you at all times. Lord keep her protected under your wings and give her sleep of peace and joy in the mornings. Amen!

    Now Lord keep us in good health and good spirits until we talk again.
    Love always,
    Sis. Juliette

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