Well! here it is Sunday evening. My son is cooking this evening, what a blessing. It’s so great to have family around laughing and joking. I miss those days when we used to gather around mother’s table and laugh. Dad used to call us a bunch of laughing cats. So, I am feeling the love. Dinner is now over, what a wonderful job son. I love you son, even though I give you a hard time every now and then. It’s all with love ok.

I will  continue to praise family today. I have lots of love coming from both sides of my family, the married side and the born side. With great nephew and nieces. Hats off to the parents. As parents we have to instill the values of God in our children. Lets try to give them a bible for a gift or some spiritual book. In this day and time our children needs lots of guidance, what better place then the bible. That’s where the truth comes from. We have to remember our children are not ours, they belong to God so lets teach them His word.

Let’s teach them love of God first then self, family, friends and neighbors. The Lord said love thy neighbor as thy self.

Today is Monday. Oh, what a beautiful day it is. Lots of laughter along with many, many blessings. Just relaxing doing this blog. I am sorry for taking so long to up date. Well here I am. I will try not to take as long again. Not that I don’t have lots to talk about, it’s finding the time to put it on the computer. I write it in my ipod and it takes a while to post it. Please be patience ok.

After dinner the evening is so quiet. I wonder where are the children. It would be nice to see and hear the laughter of children playing outside. Not that there are not any kids around,we are surrounded with little ones. Crazy T.V take all their time. Parents please let your children get out and socialize with other children so that can gain some people skills.

To all who is wondering how my back is doing. I am healing very well. It’s been six month since my back surgery. I can now sleep on my back at times and the pain is not as bad.The Lord is always easing my pain. I take it all as Gods blessings. I continue to put on the shield and armor that gets me through each day. With my hand in His, I take each step along the way with Him. Teach our young ones to put on the armor of the Lord for protection. We must walk, talk and pray to Him for guidance. Young people think they have the up to date answer now our words are old fashion so they don’t listen to us as parents. Maybe the book of true words (Bible) will give them the answers they’re looking for to guide them on their own.

Before I give the scripture for today. I have a inside joke to share. The sister that reads this know what and who I am writing about. Hold on a minute I think I hear the door bell. Oh, no  it’s the T.V. Senior moment. 🙂

Here is the scripture (Deuteronomy 32:46b-47b) Command your children to obey carefully all the words of this law. They are not just idle words for you-they are your life.

Love you all.

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3 Responses to Sorry

  1. Juliette Thomas says:

    Hello Sis.

    All is well back in Scotia”CDN”.
    We are also getting nice weather, thanks to God because I sure like the sun:-). The girls and I were at the beach on Sunday.

    God is good (All the Time). When we have time to sit back and think – it’s easy to realize just how bless we are.

    I know what your saying O’ because my girls are growing up and I hardly see them, they tend to stay in there rooms watch Tv, on the computer or cell phones and I pods. We don’t even know who’s calling the house/them anymore, as parents the control is almost gone.

    The only time I see them is when they come in the door, we eat together and then their gone. Oh I forgot we all watch Big brother together, stupid show but I’ll take that time with them:-).

    I also love going to Church but I feel the Church needs to work hard to inspire todays’ youth, young men and women and they need to be on top of what they are into and find a way to use it for the Kingdom of God, because they are not interested in the olden days.

    It’s good to hear your healing well from the surgery, lot’s of prayers went up and they do work. Continue to take little steps, the mind and body think differently so be careful.

    I bet I know who that joke belongs to, the same one who thought she was in the women’s bathroom but was coming from the men’s:-) LOL

    My time is up, you know we all like to talk long and laugh a lot:-) Can’t wait for us to all hook up again, so if your reading all my Sisters we need to start planning soon. We all talk about how time is short but no one is taking action…….Is that my job???

    Love you Sis, take care, stay in Love with God (do you know the song “falling in Love with Jesus”?).

    Sis. Juliette

  2. Alan says:

    Hi Mom! I’m glad you really liked the food that I cooked, thank you for the compliments! Dad made everything else though, so I only deserve so much of the credit. He did a lot of work too! 🙂

    Anyway, I’m really glad to hear that your back is feeling better enough that you can sleep on it sometimes without the pain being too bad. That’s really wonderful to hear, and I hope you continue to heal quickly. You take care now, and I’m glad to see you updating your blog again!

  3. Amanda Colley (Vaillancourt) says:

    Hello Auntie,
    I have to agree with Alan on this one, I am so glad that you have updated your blog. I kept asking mom, how is Aunt Olga doing, she hasn’t updated her blog lately. But am glad to hear you are doing well, and taking care of yourself. One day at a time. I wonder what sister that was which went into the wrong washroom….You guys are to much when you all get together. Hopefully that will be really soon. Stay tuned…….
    Auntie God has his entire armour around. He never lets us down. Stay strong.
    Well,I think I should get back to work now…
    And oh yeh Auntie Jewels, I know what you mean about kids…….
    Take care
    Love you all.

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