Today is Tuesday it is starting out to be a beautiful one. I have to give blood today, I pray it comes out good. The temperature is rising, it suppose to be hot one today ,  I need to get back before it reaches the nineties.

It’s lunch time , guess what we are having. I am thinking clam chowder, which sounds good to me. Tonight I am teaching my husband how to cook liver. Have not had liver in so long, wondering if I should or not.

It’s Thursday morning ,we just had a huge thunder and lighting storm. It woke us from a sound sleep. We both jumped at the same time saying what was that. It quickly passed. The rest of the morning a little dreary and cloudy outside. We need the rain for the grass and the thunder and lighting cooled the temperature a bit.

Just finished talking to my sister , telling her about the last inside joke I posted. Did we have a good laugh. She told me a joke which I will share on the next post stay tuned. We always have lots to talk and laugh about , we are a crazy bunch of sisters. So many jokes to tell, so believe me when I say we can tell some crazy ones. Here is another one to solve. Which sister walked out of a store with toilet paper hanging from the back  of her pants. 🙂 I told you we were crazy.

I am sitting here having a cup of green tea. It’s so relaxing. I  am trying to figure out what to have for lunch. Any ideas? Maybe tuna on a bagel or English muffin  with slices of  tomatoes. I will think of something.

Yesterday, a good church friend brought us a a very tasteful dinner. I asked the Lord to send her and husband a blessing. They are true people of God, always there to help  when you need them. We are so blessed to have them as friends. God put people where He know they are needed. That’s what the Lord is all about, helping those in need.

This morning I felt like going grocery shopping but I changed my mind because of the rain. With Gods blessing I will go tomorrow. My niece is coming tomorrow to cook dinner and visit for awhile. It’s always good to see her, she and our son takes turns lending a hand whenever they have time. That’s what’ family is all about. When you help others God will bless you with good things.

I am getting hungry for lunch now, so that tuna on bagel or English muffin with tomatoes sure sounds good to me. 🙂 got to go eat, I’ll be back  soon. Well I had that sandwich I told you about. My husband had the bagel and I had the muffin, only I had the egg and he had cheese . I had a down home kind of egg sandwich but much healthier.  .

Took a break during the lunch period, tried to send a e-mail to my visiting pastor but it kept coming back. Did any of you ever have this happen to you? You keep thinking you are spelling something wrong. What a bummer. I guess I have to go to the next level to get the correct address.

Oh, well now that lunch is over , it’s time to plan dinner. Do we ever stop thinking about food. From the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed it’s always  about food. Something else that the good Lord provides for us. So we should always be thankful to Him for all we have and His many blessing. Here is the scripture for today ( Psalm 13-6 )  I will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me.

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3 Responses to Blessing

  1. Lois Bruer says:

    Hey O, sorry for cutting our chat off yesterday.
    I’ll try giving you a ring today. Thank God for our
    hectic days and our not so hectic ones. In my life
    there is always something going on that makes
    me see just how blessed I am. We are all truley
    blessed as a family, and being so far away only
    makes me see it more. God is healing you( I claim
    this with my faith). You sound so wonderful on the
    phone. Always so cheerful, and positive. Tell me
    God’s not impacting your life. He is so good.
    So thankyou sis for sharing this part of your life
    with us. Stay prayerful and I will talk to you soon
    LovU Lo

  2. Chef Keisha B says:

    I must say today was quite eventfull. It was nice to see you as usual and to bring your blessings of good food from the man upstairs! (for those of you who don’t know that would be God, our lord and savior!) So I hope the offerings were to your liking and I look forward to hearing all about the goodies plus the granola. You can never have too much granola. (::wink::)

    And now its is time to make everyone jealeous and tell them of the meal. So here goes
    Pan seared lamb chops rubbed in a chili lime seasoning and topped with sauteed peaches fresh from the farmers market. Basmati Rice , Oven roasted corn on the cobb, tender cauliflower and to end with sauteed swiss chard (asian style) tossed with onions, mushrooms & black bean garlic sauce! Zee taste de Resistance! Mwah!

    Alright thats enough from the peanut gallery, eat and be merry and i look forward to the next trip. And please share the chicken wings with your better half!

    God Bless

  3. LadyKemp says:

    I think you should change the website blog to add something with food! Its so funny because most all the discussion will center back on something wonderul to eat. But food is a comfort right? It also has great healing properties, like antioxidents, nutrients and vitamins. Maybe you can do a recipe book on healing foods to cancer recovery and wellness 🙂

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