I am back. Sorry for not writing something sooner. It raining here today with a chill in the air. It’s beginning to look like fall, the leaves on the trees are changing with it’s beautiful colors. We all know who are responsible for the beauty of nature, the one and only God. He created all that wonderful  beauty that we enjoy everyday.

It’s been awhile since I spoke about my treatment. It’s all going good. I am up and getting around. Helping more with things around the house. It takes a load of my husband. I got up on Sunday morning and made down home pancake with lots of butter for him not me. 🙂 with maple syrup, taste good right. :)  He likes to sit in his chair and let me go at it sometimes. Then he gets up to check out what I am up to. He is so funny. I am moving around so well  I forget my cane sometimes and he will say where is the other man. 🙂 referring to the cane.

To  all who are reading this blog, I want us all to continue to send out prayers for sis Lady Kemp and niece Amanda for complete recovery from surgery. We know God will do his part because they are both strong believers with lots of faith.

I read this in my devotional last week . This lady had fibromyalgia , there were certain things she could not do, like opening jars or getting a good grip on things with her hands. Her family was very supportive of the things she tried to do and accomplished.They never judged her, therefore she always felt loved. Sometimes we feel so weak in our body and mind that we lose faith. So, lets keep the strong faith in mind , body and soul and kick  the judgment of others out of our lives. Lets remember that God  is the final judge (Amen)

I will put the scripture for today here because I think  it will fit well.

2 Corinthians 12:6-10 Welcome those who are weak in faith, but not for the purpose of quarreling over opinions.

Ok girls we are going to get some serious talk about food. 🙂 We knew it will get to this. Lets think  of some healthy food we can share back and forth. I have a few that I saw on Dr. Oz show. Lots of fresh for frozen fruits, artichokes, stew tomatoes , quinoa and bok choy, and lentils. If anyone can think of others give a shout out, lets help each others to stay healthy in mind , body and spirit. Remember it’s all connected. God has given us everything we need, so it’s up to each and everyone of us to use it wisely.

In closing, we will pray for those who are weak in spirit so that God can lift them up in Grace. Don’t forget happy mind , happy body, happy soul, maybe not in that order. Love you all. God Bless

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  1. Juliette Thomas says:

    Hi. Sis.

    Glad your back! I can hear the happiness in your writing:-)
    Having Faith in God is so powerful, if we say were a Child of God and believe in Him then our Faith must remain strong and on at all times.
    Lord knows there is times when my life is up and down but when it’s down, I put my trust and faith in God.

    It’s getting colder here too and very pretty with the leaves changing. I like this time of year and wish it was longer.

    Always give Thanks even for the smaller things in life.

    God bless.
    Love always,
    Sis. Juliette

  2. Coralyn says:

    Hi Auntie,

    Long time no talk! So glad to hear that things are going so well with you and your treatments, etc. You’re well on your road to recovery! I’ve been swamped, so I took a minute to get caught up on your blog – you always keep me inspired with your positive attitude. You’re so right about the power of faith – it affects everything in our lives. I embrace the challenges that I face as I build my business because it forces me to walk in faith. Tomorrow I have a presentation to make to my business advisor. By the grace of God, I’m sure everything will go well – I’m expecting good things! That’s my update – now back to you…

    I’m a fan of Dr. Oz too, whenever I can catch him. I’ll have to try out some of the items that you mentioned that are new to me. I like cauliflower, broccolli, yams, spinach, sweet potatoes, and all types of berries.

    Thanks for sharing your daily devotionals. Tell Uncle Nelson and Alan hi and God bless you all. Take care Auntie.

    Luv Coralyn

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