Into One Another

It’s Monday evening, the weather is just beautiful. Today was very quiet until now. The lawn mowers are going. Whoever said the suburbs was quiet. I know that everyone has to do what they have to do, so I will not sit in judgment ok.

I will start with giving God the praise and glory. He has brought me through so many trials and tribulations. Thank, you Lord for your love . If we claim that we love the Lord, therefore we can love one another. Because God love us regardless of who we are.

Over the last week I had a small set back. I went to the hospital with neutropenia fever but in three days I was back home doing great and back to my old self. Let me tell you there is nothing like being at home in your own bed. I am thankful for the help of the doctors and nurses that gave of their time and knowledge. ( Gods special people )

I am not going to write much because it’s time for crazy tv. 🙂 The final show of the New Jersey Housewives are on tonight. Those ladies are crazy, they crack me up. So, I will keep it short tonight.

To all my family, I pray you all had a good Labor Day weekend, with lots of good love , food , laughter and fun.Lets end the evening with lots of thanks to the good Lord.

The scripture for this evening is ( 1 John 4:12 ) If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

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4 Responses to Into One Another

  1. Sis. Juliette says:

    Hi Sis. today is Tuesday and we already talked about my great weekend:-)
    Your message is correct we need to love one another especially if we call ourselves a child of God. God is about love and kindness and compassion and if we follow that road it will always lead us in the right direction.
    My Godfather (Fuzz) gave the message on Sunday in absent of our pastor and it was title A New Start and his message spoke to me in this way, the devil will always continue to bring up your past and your successes so to say we don’t need God.
    God wants us to ask for forgiveness, clensing, He also want to use and reward us. So if we do what is expected of us by God “He” will reward us, isn’t that great….. Next time ask WWJD?
    Sis, you are an inspiration to me and your ministering is always heard.
    Keep on praying and thanking God and let him reward you with good health.
    I’m so happy when my family is feeling well.

    Have a great day,

    Love always. Sis.

  2. Amanda Colley says:

    Hello Auntie,
    Well, I really missed reading your blog. I had surgery on Sept. 9, therefore was unable to sit up for a long period of time to type. Thank God, I am getting stronger & the pain level is getting weaker. I know everyone had me in their prayers and I just want to say Thank You. I am still recovering from my surgery but knowing all my healing is in God’s hands, I will be fine. As I know you will be fine. We are so blessed to have such a praying family, in which God hears all our prayers.
    Praying you feel better and stronger every day.
    Love Amanda

  3. Juliette Thomas says:

    Hi Sis.
    Life is busy. and I miss talking to you.
    I’m doing Ok, trying to stay strong minute by minute, hour by hour. I know God won’t give me more then I can handle, He’s concerned about us all.
    Sis. I Love you and I think of you often even when I don’t get the chance to call as often as I use too. I’m sure you miss my venting. LOL

    Keep your eyes on the prize of good health and the Joy that comes in the morning.
    Love always.
    Sis. Juliette

  4. Stella Vaillancourt (aka Simmonds) says:

    Hey Sis,
    I am sending this from Amanda’s computer. I know I have been missing your calls, but lately I have been taking care of the sick (daughter and her daughter lol).
    Hope you are feeling better, I will try to call you this evening. Glad to hear you are feeling much better. It’s funny how we can’t laugh out loud on the computer, but finds lots to laugh out loud on the phone. And besides we want to be careful what we put on the computer (lol). You know me we talk for hours when we are on the phone. Remember I love you, keep your faith as I know you will. God is watching over you always, he will never leave you or forsake you, just trust and obey.
    Love you and talk to you tonight.
    Love your funny sister Stella.

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