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I am back , it’s Saturday morning , what a beautiful one it is. The temperature is nice and cool, no rain just a great morning to start a great day so enjoy and don’t forget to be thankful for all it’s beauty.

I am feeling good after treatment on Thursday. Had a great rest yesterday with lots of sleep, which I needed. I just finished my morning snack, has to eat right to keep the old body working. I had a half of pumpernickel  bagel with peanut butter and strawberry jam and four pieces of fresh fruit. Soon it will be time to think about lunch, then dinner always about food.

Well, let me get back to Thursday treatment. My morning started out great after a good night sleep at our son’s place. It was very quiet with lots of love around. My son made me a wonderful cup of lemon spice tea, I think that’s what it was. He will correct me if I am wrong. 🙂 Then I cleaned my self up for a very calming sleep, I think it was the tea or the two men in my life. In case any one is asking the question why we stay at our son’s place it’s because he lives closer to the Military Hospital.  We got up early for breakfast, my husband and I had our silence prayer , then out for the drive to treatment which is only forty -five minutes . We ate at the hospital , talked to other people waiting for appointments. Not surprised at now many people are traveling long distance for medical care. After sitting listening to my husband and another active military man talk about the different hats that the men now are wearing plus the battles they are fighting. Our time came,we had to go to my appointment. I knew my husband enjoyed the conversation because they talked like forever. 🙂 Which I am sure he truely enjoyed, it took his mind of the treatment he had to set through with me. At about 700 A.M. we went up to treatment room, checked in at front desk .I  had to weight in then on to the treatment room which I am not looking forward too,but like I always say, we have to do what we have to do just make sure God is right there with you, what a great piece of mind.

It’s now time for hook up. I am again sitting there watching the nurses bring the neddles and tubes then comes the good stuff, don’t be afraid it all goes very smooth, no pain at all. After about two hours I am so hungry , all I can think about is Mc Donalds french fries, no burger just fries. I went through the same thing on Monday but they were cold and I like them nice and hot. By this time the nurse comes and say one last bag of the good stuff , what a bummer. 🙂 if it works I am not going to complain. Soon I will have those French fries I want so bad. 🙂

While waiting on me to finish up my husband went to get his shingles shot. I then found out that we cannot sleep in the same bed together, because it’s a live and active . Well we will be apart for a couple of days, also no kissies or huggies for awhile, which I will miss but its for the best. I will miss my hubbie laying beside me for a couple of nights. The treatment is almost over. I say thank you Lord for the strength and blessing to bring me through this. We have none other to thank. So, much thanks to God for His many blessing and grace. Thanks be to God and let us praise his Holy name always. Praise the Lord , O my soul.

The French fries was nice and hot a little salty which was nice also. I ate just about all of them, left a bout five for hubbie. He is not a Mc Donalds person, he is more a ham & cheese person.Well, all things went great. I will continue to keep you all informed ok. Love to all and I pray you will give love back in passing, it cost nothing to give love.

The scripture for today is (John 14-15)  “If you love me, you will obey what I command”
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  1. Coralyn says:

    [Let’s try this again…I had something typed to send you and I hit something and lost the whole thing (uhhh!!!)] Welcome back – I’ve missed reading your blog! So glad to hear that things are going so well for you these days. First of all I’m craving McDonald french fries now, so I’ll have to get my fix asap! Secondly, you guys have got my mouth watering with the food that Keisha makes! I’m starving now, but can’t eat because it’s too late (I’ll grab an apple so I don’t feel guilty about eating at this time of the night – it’s 12:30 am).

    Thank God that Alan lives near the hospital. Many people down here travel for hours just to come into Halifax for treatment, blood work and to see the doctor. Some of them even travel the night before and stay at a lodge that they have set up for cancer patients from out of town. The appointments can take most of the day at the hospital – that’s why we’re always chatting with the patients, to make the time go faster and to put their mind on something else while chemo is running through their bodies or waiting for appointments. I don’t mind talking to total strangers … you never know, you could help someone who’s having a really bad day. If you’re anything like Mom, you probably have a fan club at the hospital too 😉 I always leave feeling more and more inspired because you guys go through a lot, but you don’t ever complain. My hat goes off to all of you! So Auntie, continue to stay positive and faithful. Treatments are almost done (yahoo!)

    I smiled when I read about Uncle Alan not sleeping in bed with you – the same thing happened to Daddy this winter when he got a cold. It was strange seeing him crash on the sofa, but he wasn’t taking any chances! Tell Uncle it’s only temporary … lol

    Well, I’ve got to get back at this marketing plan – Monday is my deadline. Things have been extremely busy and hectic for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll check in on you in a bit. Give my love to Uncle Nelson & Alan too.

    Luv Coralyn

    • Coralyn says:

      That should have read ‘Uncle Nelson’ in the 4th paragraph – laughing at myself! That’s what I get for sending stuff out so late at night …

      Peace out!

  2. Juliette Thomas says:

    Hello Sis.

    God has surely blessed us with good weather, it’s so hot back home, we don’t get weather like this – very unusual for us and a lot of people are complaining, but I like it when I’m not working in it:-) Hurricane Earl will soon take care of that. lol
    From talking to you I know it hot there too, please drink lots of water and stay cool.

    So happy your last hospital visit went well, I hate hearing that you had to go there, but I know it was a positive thing and Thank God it nothing more then routine monitoring and I thank Him for giving the Doctor’s and staff the knowledge to know what to do. Our lives are in their hands and I know God is with them and for His people.

    Well Sis, I’m back to work and so far it’s been good, nothing changes just got to get back to it and do what you know you do best:-)

    I’m turning the big 50 this Monday and everyone is telling me I don’t look like it or how does it feel? I don’t even have an answer because age means nothing to me, I just live a healthy lifestyle and try to stay as peaceful as I can and remember to give Thanks to the almighty above. My girls and husband are helping me to celebrate by having a backyard BQ on Monday. I just want everyone to enjoy, eat well and love each other.

    Remember I’m always here, close by the phone whenever you just need to talk and take your mind off of the treatments. I pray that Yours and Cora’s will be over soon and we “Sisters” will be united back together again for a retreat. Life is not ours for ever on earth and we need to have fun and laughter and forget about the little things that cause every day stress. Lord knows I’m trying:-)

    I’m closing off now, say hello to Nelson, and Alan.
    God bless until we talk again.

    Love always, Sis. Juliette aka, Jules

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